Thursday, October 8, 2015


This is it! This journey has been real.  My experience in Social Media class wan nothing short than amazing.  Often time one enter class not knowing and scare of the assignment. However this class was fun and rewarding in learning.  From learning about how to create a blog, to podcast, hangout, and vlogging, lets not for branding your image.  Opening up new day in the cyber work that I really didn't no anything about.  The biggest platform that fulfill my interest is hangout with the brand I building.

This blog remind myself of the build the bear in the mall, in order to get the right animal you pick and stuff tell the right shape is form and that the same for your blog.  One continue to build until its exactly how you prefer.  With that been said, I would like more learning experience in hangout and RSS Feed.  Those two just seem to spark my interest.

It nice when a class end that one can really take something from that class and use it later.

Happy relationship signing out!


Friday, September 11, 2015

I have chosen hangout as my video platform.  This strategy method with help build the brand I trying to create of positive thinking and better communication.  I chose the video for the relationship examples.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Helpful links

Hello everyone, these are the five blogs I chose to help me with my brand.  The Gottman Relationship, was center around researching and restoring relationship, this site influence me to be more resourcefully in thinking about certain standard in relationship., I feel can remind myself and others to continue to date each in any relationships.  Science of relationships had an mission statement, remind myself that remember to set standard and develop more into my brand.  The love and sex center around being happy and bringing better relationship for couple.  Live 2 conquer remind myself to build my brand better to make everyone aware and more motive to read my site.

Here are the five links:

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hi everyone, I'm starting this blog as a class project, however I am very passion about this site and how it can help relationship. I have been married over 25 years 3 children, daughter n law and 3 grandchildren, and yes its a blessing. However a couple years back we ending up in divorce court and lost everything we had, went before judge 3 times only to call it off.  Now days I find myself talking to people when they ask how you stay together that long.  This site is to vent and turn the negative things to positive, stop and think what if etc.
People always look to Dr. Phil, Oprah and Steve Harvey for relationship advice but what about the normal individual who experience what regular couples go through. So this site call 

So today my question to you?  Is love really real.

To start everyone off yes love is real. Yes married couple has problem its all in how you react.