Thursday, October 8, 2015


This is it! This journey has been real.  My experience in Social Media class wan nothing short than amazing.  Often time one enter class not knowing and scare of the assignment. However this class was fun and rewarding in learning.  From learning about how to create a blog, to podcast, hangout, and vlogging, lets not for branding your image.  Opening up new day in the cyber work that I really didn't no anything about.  The biggest platform that fulfill my interest is hangout with the brand I building.

This blog remind myself of the build the bear in the mall, in order to get the right animal you pick and stuff tell the right shape is form and that the same for your blog.  One continue to build until its exactly how you prefer.  With that been said, I would like more learning experience in hangout and RSS Feed.  Those two just seem to spark my interest.

It nice when a class end that one can really take something from that class and use it later.

Happy relationship signing out!